Monthly Archives: August 2010

Sparkle Cup Cakes

At $4.5 each, I was presented with a cupcake that was decorated in coconut shreds while my friend had a lavender and honey flavoured one. They were so precious that we were staring our respective cupcakes for a good 10 mins, with a folk in our hand, contemplating on how to dissect these beauties without destroy them. But the truth was I couldn’t and my lust for these cupcakes to be inside me overpowered the admiration for their beauty.

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Herbie’s, Fully and Aromatically Loaded.

A work colleague of mine recommended me to visit a herbs specialist in Balmain called surprise surprise, Herbie’s. It has the most amazing collection of herbs. From medium spicy Spanish paprika powder, dried kaffir lime leaves, to green mango powder (a souring agent). But I am most impressed about the pre-mixed Indian spices to take […]

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Cure for A Broken Heart

I have always loved making apple and rhubarb crumbles. Nothing soothes that broken and beaten heart of mine like a good ol’ apple and rhubarb crumble. And considering how often I go on dates, you can imagine that this signature dessert of mine is a re-occurring theme (unlike all my lovers). While most apple and […]

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