Sparkle Cup Cakes

After a delightful brunch with my friend Kar Wing at Bird Cow Fish where she consoled me over the recent break up with P, we were walking back to my car to head off to Paddington for some retail therapy but we were distracted by the sparkles that emitted from a chic looking shop. So naturally we stopped and investigated. I was delighted to find out that the sparkles were no others but cupcakes. And my day was brightened straight away.

At $4.5 each, I was presented with a cupcake that was decorated in coconut shreds while my friend had a lavender and honey flavoured one. They were so precious that we were staring at our respective cupcakes for a good 10 mins, with folks in hands, contemplating on how to dissect these beauties without destroy them. But the truth was I couldn’t and my lust for these cupcakes to be inside me overpowered the admiration for their beauty.

My coconut cupcake was good but the clear winner was lavender and honey. It tasted so amazing that it just made all my worries go away when I closed my eyes and indulged in the soothing aromas of lavender. They were sweet but not too overpoweringly sweet. When you delicately dissected the cupcake with a folk, you could see real vanilla beans in the cupcake. I’ve always been a fan of cupcakes, but I have never lusted for cupcakes like these ones.

They also do a cupcake degustation course where you can sample an array of cupcakes. Green tea flavour will definitely be on my wishlist during the next visit.

Sparkle Cupcakes

Address: 132 Foveaux St, Surry Hills, Sydney


2 Comments on “Sparkle Cup Cakes

  1. ive been wanting to go to sparkle cupcakes when i was in melbourne last time but never made it there.

    thats just me. wherever i go i try the local cupcakes. i like the idea of sampling an array of cupcakes. i like that the flavours are really unique. lavnder and honey yum…! n green tea.

  2. aw its in sydney. thats why. i knew i was researching cupcake places in ozzy before i went there. oh well reason to come to sydney sometime. i went to some other divine one in melbourne.

    love the blog 😉

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