Lemon Twist Cafe – A real lemon in the service department

As a true foodie, I am always on the hunt for brunch restaurants. So on this raining Anzac Monday when most of Crown St was closed, I was relieved to find out that Lemon was open for business.

Like a typical Crown St cafe, the outside of this joint is fitted out with two canopies. Even on a rainy day like this, the two outside tables barely covered the canopies were chronically popular. When I eventually stepped inside the restaurant, this cosy little joint boasts a retro and bohemian diner-like atmosphere which is quite a refreshing change from all its glossy high-calibre neighbours.

At a first glance, the menu appeared rather standard. Egg omelettes, Egg Benedict, just like usual suspects. But once the latte’s arrived and I re-gained my brain, I realised that their menu is pretty well thought out. I settled with Prosciutto Eggs, which came with a salsa paste resting on top of beautifully poached eggs, a slice so prosciutto and a bagel (pictured, bottom centre). Coffee was pretty decent too. So good that I had two. But the service was a let-down. As it was pouring down with rain, as I was walking into the cafe with an umbrella in my hand, a camp guy from behind the coffee machine cringed, snatched the umbrella from me and said grumpily “Oh my god, your umbrella’s dripping all over the floor. Someone’s bound to slip and guess who will have to pay the public indemnity?” I was appalled but decided to bite my tongue and just get on with the fucking breakfast coz I was bloody starving. Through out our meal, the same guy brought us food, drinks and cutlery without uttering a word.

It’s such a shame these days when I encounter restaurants with delicious food but lacks in friendly service, as after all food is only half of the experience. It won’t be my list of restaurants to go back to. No one should subject themselves to such appalling services and definitely not that early in the morning with an empty stomach and no energies to bite back. Just wouldn’t be fair.

It’s a yay nay for me.

Lemon Twist Cafe

393 Crown Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010

(02) 9380 5242

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