First Night Out

Oh and the third thing you need to know about BA is that  drinks are fucking stiff and me gusta! A vodka and Speed (clearly, it’s an energy drink) set me back for 35 pesos (around $AUD 9) but there was about 70% vodka and 20% ice and 10% Speed. So after two of those, I was bouncing around like a rocket. The club I ended up in was called KmZero. Drag Queen show, camp audience, you get the drill. Thank god I didn’t have to put up with the drag show for too long and before I knew it they had cleared up the tables and chairs and turned the centre of the venue to a dance floor. 4:30am rolled around much quicker than I thought it would and I started to feel the exhaustion from the travel so I stumbled out of the club and hailed a cab home. Not a bad effort for a Tuesday night.

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