La Boca

So yesterday was a bit of a leisure day after partying ourselves out. Cloria + I = Trouble. It was her first night in town and we were booked to go to El Bistro at Faena Hotel, one of the most awarded restaurants in town. Mostly decorated in ghostly white, I felt like I was in a Lady Gaga music video with the crazy unicorn wall mounts. For a grand $700 pesos, we had 4 Entrées,  2 mains and 3 desserts. Entrées were admirably game, mains were well designed and executed but the desserts were a let down. It had all the typical clichés of fine dining Sydney – micro herbs, foams, deconstructions and smears. But someone, I still think Oscillate Wildly in Newtown is still better. But for $700 pesos with 5 matching wines, I got me sufficiently feliz. Then we bumped into a local celeb with a couple of her tourist friends outside the hotel and went to this club all the way on the other side of town called Tequila where the cover charge is $100 pesos pp. Ouch. When in Rome.

So yesterday was write off. We walked around the city for a bit then exhausted ourselves. Ended our evening with a traditional parilla dinner.

Today’s itinerary was way more exciting as we went to La Boca and it was beautiful. Cobble stone streets, tango in the streets, markets. A bit touristy but it’s really nice after all. On our way back from La Boca, we went through San Telmo and we were impressed how Parisian it is. So looks like we’ve got our Sunday itinerary sorted. As of now, I gotta get ready and go out for dinner at Dada, a modern Argentine cuisine restaurant in the city and followed by some clubbing action. Saturday night in BA, it’ll be epic.

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