A Day of Culinary Indulgence

Today is what packed full of what I came to Buenos Aires for – eat, drink and shop.

A 30 minute bus ride took us to the old part of town San Telmo where mostly antiques and crafty objects were sold in markets. We lunched at this place called Territorio where I had a quinoa salad with bak choy, peas, cherry tomatoes and Tagliatelle cheese. The results was OMG amazing and it filled my void of vegetables in the past few days. After being fuelled with sufficient energy to tackle an afternoon of wandering and shopping, we set our course to Denfesa which is where the market is taking place. I noticed a lot of hand-crafted jewellery and after speaking of one of the vendors, I found out that the government offers free jewellery making courses in the municipal school and hence the nation full of jewellery designers. It also makes hand-crafted jewellery fairly cheap in BA. Lucky for me.

Souvenir shopping was imminent under such circumstance and after successfully fulfilling all my shopping wishes, decided to bust out my KeepCup. If you’ve been following this blog, you would know that I brought my KeepCup on holiday only to discover that coffee from restaurants and cafes here in BA is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. But this is when Starbucks becomes handy – at least I know it’s consistently shit and it vaguely resembles of the kind of coffee we are accustomed to in Australia. I miss Shenkin, my trusty little cafe in Erko.

The rest of the afternoon involved a bit more shopping, a sweets break where we went overboard and bought enough sweets to feed an entire village, and a drink break. Got lost a bit heading to the restaurant due to the incorrect mapping of location on my TimeOut BA guide but made it to El Nacional, a bistro just off the hustle and bustle of San Telmo’s main drag. I ordered a slow-cooked pork with squash and sweet potato mash. It was cooked to perfection – the meat was falling apart, the mash is smooth and sweet and the sauce cuts through the fattiness of pork. It was a perfect 10 for me. And Cloria’s shrimp and salmon ravioli was also well executed, with a whole shrimp in each ravioli and the salmon sauce just tastes like a chowder. She said that she wanted to just drink the sauce on its own. A well and truly successful day for the taste buds. The bill came to $188 pesos for the two of us, including a bottle of ARTISAN wine, and I don’t use the word artisan lightly. It’s days like this that I live for!

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