Spring Time in Sydney

Spring time in Sydney is glorious. It’s warm, it’s sunny and most of all, it’s lively. Coming from New Zealand where spring time doesn’t all that significantly differentiate to winter except for the perpetual countdown to summer, I can say that I am a convert. Spring in such a happiness filled environment inevitably brings changes and hope. Cliche I know, and it also made me sick in the mouth, too. The two girls sitting next to me at the cafe just glanced over and gave me this concerned look. But instead of boring you with unnecessarily long and drawn anecdotes, I thought it might save you some time by summarising them in bullet points and I can get back to my eggs Benedict sooner.

  1. ¬†New date. I’ve been reigning as Priscila Queen of the Desert for quite some time now. Since June. Or July. Or whenever I was in Melbourne last. The new kid on the block is a furniture designer, with a beard. I’m totally gay for him.
  2. Degustation curse is lifted. For a long long time, I’ve suffered from the curse of Degustation. It’s either friends or restaurants cancelling on me. This has changed. Sam and I went to Biota in Bowral on the weekend and spent 3 hours at lunch drooling and dissecting a degustation lunch. We only made it to 4th course and had to call it quits. But it was amazing.
  3. Travels. Going home in a a couple of weeks for a wedding and then partying up with Cloria for NYE and a few days later, her God-forbidden 30th birthday. Might also sneak home to China to see my folks for a couple of weeks before returning to Sydney. Bliss.
  4. Weekend projects. I bought a vintage suitcase and am in the process of turning it into a coffee table for the lounge. The new date should become handy.

Coffee’s getting cold so I’d better dash. But check out the photos from my one-day trip to Bowral.

Biota Dining on Urbanspoon

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