Gastronomical Newcastle

According to my Sydney born and raised peers, a weekend in Newcastle would almost be frowned upon and followed by the inevitable question “What for?”. So when I went up to Newcastle, I didn’t have very high expectation of this NSW city which is only 1hr 45mins drive away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.

First stop was Estabar, a cute little cafe by the seaside with casual but friendly service. A table on the sidewalk provided us with amazing view of the beach but the gale-force wind kept lifting the food off the plates. Luckily I didn’t lose too much of my stunning breakfast muesli. It was thoughtfully put together with coconut shreds, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, dehydrated cranberries resting on a bed of creamed mueslis and served with a side of fresh raspberries. The sweetness, acidity and nutty flavours blended together precisely and I wished the experience would never end.

Shop 1, 61 Shortland Esp
Newcastle NSW 2300
Estabar - Gelati and Espresso on Urbanspoon
Merewhether Ocean Pool

Dinner was organised to take place at Subo which has grab many headlines lately. Being the main attraction of our weekend getaway, this restaurant certainly is worth the 1hr 45mins drive and the constant questioning of “what for” from fellow workmates. Suzi the maitre d’ was very generous with the food-wine matching advice and was always ready for a wee chat when she brought our dishes out. My entre was well worth the trip. It was simple down-to-earth yet experimental. What is it, you may ask? It was deboned chicken wings with blackened corns, crispy sage and hay-infused creamy foam. Hay, it’s outrageous but grass-root at the same time, no pun intended. As for main, I opted for a modern version of duck a l’orange which was just exquisite as well. Newcastle (in NSW that is), hats off to you!

551D Hunter Street
Newcastle NSW 2302
Subo on Urbanspoon
Merewhether Ocean Pool

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