The Emotional Minefield

New York City is full of reminders of the my favourite TV show Sex And The City. Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich, The Boat House where Carrie fell into the water, Cafeteria in Chelsea where the girls regularly brunched, to name a few. But more so in recent weeks, I discovered Sydney is also full of reminders of my own Sex And The City locations. A year ago, I started dating a man with whom I fell in love with on the first date and we both shared a passion for food. For all the significant milestones of our relationship, I can vividly recall the conversations we had and the food we shared. First date was Cow And The Moon where we shared a popcorn gelato, third date was at 121BC where we lusted over a plate of Balsamic marinated ribs, fifth date was at Bridge Street Bistro where I pigged into a bowl full of prawn and lemon linguini, first time I met his family I brought a fillet of home-cured gravlax, and the night he started staying over at mine, I made him a “rustic” vongole pastas. Just over a month ago, we ended our relationship just as I thought things were going well and we were about to start a life together, suddenly. As a result, what used to be favourite dining spots have come to haunt me. Every time I go past the places where we had a magnificent time at, it reminded me of how in love I was with this gentleman, shortly followed by the feeling of having thousand knives stabbing through the heart. And places like these, are all over town. Another word, I have turned Sydney into my emotional minefield.

Sometimes I do ask myself though, does it get better? Do the minefields eventually become less hostile and more hospitable? I certainly hope and believe so. Luckily there’s a new restaurant opening up in Sydney every 5 minutes and it will be a while before I will exhaust all the options before having to resort to those old minefields. Until then my fellow blog readers, you are in for a treat.

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