The Upside of Being Single

Being single is hard. There’s the inconvenience of Sunday mornings when you wake up by yourself with no one to send down the road for a coffee. Then there’s the time when you lock yourself out of the flat. But there are also many upsides to being single, such as not having to change the sheets for weeks at a time, rediscovering the long lost interests such as learning salsa etc. But my favourite one is having more time to reacquaint the city by visiting many of of the new restaurants and bars that have opened. And last weekend, I did just that.

Friday night, Jane and I caught up for a few cocktails at Baxter Inn, one of the many CBD small bars that have popped up. The wait to get in was about 30 minutes which was a bit daunting, considering we both dead sober at 7:30pm which was unprecedented. But once we were inside, the bar was full but it wasn’t shoulder-to-shoulder full and we were able to order drinks quite easily. At that point, I thought to myself, “thank god they are strict at the door.” Funny how one’s perception changes so quickly. We asked for Apple Juice (with apple being freshly juiced and a dash of vodka of course) but the mixologist recommended Apple Juice with Whisky with a promise to completely change our lives.  Although miracle didn’t happen after one sip, it still was a pretty bloody decent drink. Whiskey definitely gave the otherwise boring apple juice more depth – so simple yet brilliant. Maybe miracles will eventually happen if I have more of these? Like all off-springs of Shady Pines bars, the barmen were super nice attitude-free guys, combined with their excellence in mixology, tattoo clad forearm, strapping moustaches, they make the perfect boyfriends. Come to pa pa!

The Baxter Inn on Urbanspoon

A couple more drinks each later, we moved on to my spiritual home Surry Hills and had a couple of drinks and nibbles at 121BC while we waited for a table for Movida. 1 hour, 4 glasses of wine and a plate of nibbles later, we were seated at the bar bench of Movida which I find is way more intimate than sitting at a table, so it was more than fine by me. Paletilla Iberico ham melted in the mouth. Beef cheeks was beautifully slow cooked and as a result, fell apart at the slightest protrusion with a knife, while the Pedro Ximenez cut through fattiness that is usually associated with this cut of meat. Two well deserved hats from Good Food Guide indeed.MoVida Sydney on Urbanspoon

While most people stay in on Monday night, a bunch of food savvy friends and I went to Longrain Food and Wine Trivia. Our team name was The Betels, which paid homage to my favourite Longrain dish. We took advantage of their $10 happy hour cocktails and  without hesitation decided on a Pacific Pash, which is 42 Below Passion Fruit with pineapples, mint and pineapple juice. 42 Below cocktails always get me, reminds me of home really! While the food at the trivia didn’t come with normal Longrain price tag, it was definitely a triumph, too. The duck salad had a bit of a kick to it but beautifully balanced nonetheless. The vege green curry was also a highlight too. We did better than expected but just fell short of winning a box of produce which was the prize for third place. But I was particularly impressed with our food tasting round where we got 5 of the 6 Thai styled arancini ingredients right. Wine tasting though, we didn’t do so well in. But overall we had a really fun night and was impressed with the effort we put in. Details for the trivia night can be found here
Longrain Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Being single definitely has its upside and I am definitely glad that I have some amazing friends to take advantage of it with. 🙂

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