Outside of Comfort Zone

For a long time, my comfort zone is made up of Surry Hills, Newtown and even Darlinghurst if I can stretch myself for a cab ride beyond $10. And I had my little routine too. If I was to brunch FourAteFive, I would ensure that i would save some room for a little lavender for cupcake from Sparkle as dessert. Dinner in Newtown somehow always ended up at Cow And The Moon in hope that popcorn gelato would make a comeback on to the menu. Similar to my dining comfort zone, I have also been dating within my comfort zone. The guys I’ve dated in the past few years are almost identical, their builds, facial hair, interests and more often than not, their attitudes towards love, sex and relationships. While this comfort zone has provided me a lot of comfort over the years, the once familiar flavours have started to taste tiring. The fact that I haven’t been back to Cow and The Moon for the world’s best gelato since the end of my last relationship is the perfect proof.

So on Saturday, I went out of my comfort zone, crossed the bridge and visited Salvage, a local cafe in Artamon in search of a new comfort zone. Salvage is situated in a lane way cafe strip, cutely tucked behind the train station. While the lane way provided a quaint back drop for the outdoor seatings, the interior boasts boasts a rock-a-billy atmosphere. Sign of a good cafe already. I ordered the beef brisket with cauliflower puree, poached eggs and quinoa salad. And may I say, OH MY GOD, the beef brisket was juicy and tender while the cauliflower puree gave it a smooth finish. The poached egg was equally beautiful – as i prodded the egg, the yolk was runny and bright orange. Great food, scrumptious coffee and strapping barista, it appears I have just found the new reasons to travel outside of my comfort zone.



Salvage Coffee on Urbanspoon

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