Taking A Leap Of Faith

The fast approaching silly season makes me do silly things. Take the below selfie taken at a work Christmas party as an example. I will live to regret it for the rest of my life. Ok, there may have been a stupendous amount of alcohol involved and I may have skipped a meal or two on this long day of drinking session, but sillily jolly nonetheless.

Silly Season 1The festive feelings are more often than not infectious. The carols you hear on the PAs in shopping centres, the Christmas decorations around the house, the alcohol-fuelled work Christmas dos (*cough) can very easily make one feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. And when that feeling reaches you, you just can’t help but spread it to others around you. There can also be a slightly sad shade attached to the holiday season, knowing that families are overseas, reminiscing about the previous family gatherings when a deceased family member was still with us, or simply replaying the joyous moment of Christmas morning when you exchanged thoughtfully curated gifts with a partner who is no longer your partner. But if there’s a silver lining to this shade of sadness, it is that memories we have are cherished, and that happiness is only just around the corner instead of being buried deep in the back of our heads. Happiness is within our reach. So while you are reminiscing about the good ole days, I urge you to take a leap of faith, forgive the ones that have hurt you or do wrong by you, reach out and spread the love. Like me, you will feel much better for it.

While we are on the subjects of taking leaps of faith, I applied the same silly season principal to a new cafe in Kingsgrove. “Where the fuck is that?” you may ask. Work has taken me to a lot of interesting places, Kingsgrove for one. It s a south western suburb in Sydney, between Bexley North and Roselands. On my fortnightly visits there, I used to dread the lunch options available. Burnt coffee, numerous days-old servo pies, RSL Chinese lunch and heart-attack inducing fish & chips  are some of the prime examples. The banh mi shop cum bakery was only thing that stopped me from eating my clients alive. But it all changed when All Good Things Eatery opened up. It is situated on Marsham Ave, slightly tucked away from the heaving traffic that is Kingsgrove. I stumbled upon it during a store visit with my client to the newly opened Woolworths at The Pottery. When I spotted it, I really had to do a double take and remind myself that I’m not in Surry Hills or Alexandria. Decor-wise, it ticks all the boxes: repro chairs, wooden tables, communal dining bench, industrial shelves stocked with pickles and open kitchen – I was immediately swept off my feet.

Upon close-up examination of the menu, it was equally full of characters. There was the slow-cooked pork belly with crispy crackling, the ceviche, tuna taco and not to mention the burrata, which has fast become my favourite light meal of choice lately.  In fact, I was so impressed that I went back not only once, twice but thrice over the next couple of weeks to try out all the things I wanted to order on my first visits!

Silly Season1

Silly Season2

Shop 9-11 Mashman Ave
Kingsgrove, NSW2138
All Good Things Eatery on Urbanspoon

Taking a leap of faith often leads to many pleasant surprises. And with a bit of luck, more happy memories with the family and loved ones are just around the corner. But until then, I have pork bellies, ceviches and burratas to keep me company.

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