The Art of Dating – 1st Date

Dating is a game of chance encounter, meeting of the eyes and hide-and-seek. If one puts out too early, one may come across as desperate or sleazy; vice versa, if your approach is too casual, one may lose the target early on in the game. For the seasoned daters, they will leverage the choice of venue for their rendezvous to allow them the home turf advantage in this delicate balancing act which we call dating. Environmental factors like seating positions, lighting, style of food, noise and time of the day can all play roles in helping you to achieve your objectives, whatever those may be. The key is to get the mix of environmental factors right in order to put you in the best light and in turn maximise your return (a hug, a kiss, holding hands, inappropriate touching) on investment (footing the bill, at least your share). First impression does tell a lot about someone, as a result, the strategic choice of a venue is probably more important than ever.

Time of the day:
Sunday 4 to 5pm for a drink. If you get along, you can then move on to dinner. If conversation turns stale after 15 minutes, you can then make a quick escape without having to endure a three-course meal.
Balcony at the Newtown Hotel is a superb spot for drinks on a first date. It’s usually lively and the passing traffic and colourful characters of Newtown should provide loads of conversational subjects to eliminate the awkward silent moments. The afternoon sun also casts a calming light on to the balcony but it becomes progressively more seductive as the evening wears on and the date gets more intimate.

Newtown Hotel
Address: 174 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone:(02) 9557 6399

Being in Newtown, there is also a never-ending offer of restaurants to dine at should you choose to kick on after the initial few drinks. Liza is a casual and friend Japanese joint where you can sip sake and show off how cultured you are by being able to use chopsticks properly. Further a field in Erskineville (good opportunity to sneak in a cheeky hand-holding on your way there), there is Kuki Tanuki, a modern Japanese restaurant with intimate lighting and upbeat background music. Chicken yakitori skewers and pork gyozas make perfect accompaniments for the imported Japanese beers while their slow poached duck makes a perfect shared plate.

But if Newtown is out of the way for you though, there are also some great alternatives in other Surry Hills. Try start the date at courtyard of The Winery By Gazebo on Crown Street then followed dinner at Zushi or the terrace of The White Horse and finish the date on a sweet note with a cheeky scoop of gelato from Messina. I know I am biased in suggestion Japanese restaurants for the optional dinner venues but if your date doesn’t like Japanese, then forget it, he/she is a no-hoper.

And if you’ve survived the first date, then be sure to stay tuned for the next post on 2nd date where we further exploit lighting and seating to further the romance.

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