The Art of Dating – 1st Date

Dating is a game of chance encounter, meeting of the eyes and hide-and-seek. If one puts out too early, one may come across as desperate or sleazy; vice versa, if your approach is too casual, one may lose the target early on in the game. For the seasoned daters, they will leverage the choice of […]

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The Deal Breakers

If you are like me, who have been dating for the majority of your life, hopefully by now you would’ve figured out what the qualities are you want in a man. For me, there’s the essential characteristics like honesty, kindness, compassion and empathy. There is also the nice-to-haves, such as sense of adventure, playfulness, career-focused. […]

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Experimental Wednesday: Three-mushroom Risotto, Japanese Style

In my normal life I am generally quite content and tend to become a creature of habits. But when I’m in the kitchen, I quite often challenge the status quo. My dad will probably disown me if he hears me saying this but I think I was Japanese in my previous life. Sure, there’s worse […]

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