The Art of Dating – 1st Date

Dating is a game of chance encounter, meeting of the eyes and hide-and-seek. If one puts out too early, one may come across as desperate or sleazy; vice versa, if your approach is too casual, one may lose the target early on in the game. For the seasoned daters, they will leverage the choice of […]

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Heroes of the Golden Triangle

I live in a very eclectic neighbourhood. It is in an area which I dearly refer to as the Golden Triangle. No, it’s not the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia that you are thinking of, but the Golden Triangle that is Alexandria, Redfern and Waterloo.  In fact, I am smack bang in the middle of […]

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The Upside of Being Single

Being single is hard. There’s the inconvenience of Sunday mornings when you wake up by yourself with no one to send down the road for a coffee. Then there’s the time when you lock yourself out of the flat. But there are also many upsides to being single, such as not having to change the […]

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